Ride your motocross bike, politely

I have been asked by a Johnson Lane neighbor to address an issue I am reluctant to write about, so I am going to handle this gingerly.

When I was a kid my parents moved our family to San Diego. They bought a house two blocks from the end of town to be close to the open space. My father was racing motorcycles professionally, and my one sister and I raced on the high school motocross team. Yes, not only did the high schools in San Diego have basketball, football, baseball and tennis teams, but back then we also had motocross teams.

It was great. In 1975, Suzuki came out with the RM series of two-stroke racing bikes. My sister bought a 100cc and I bought a 125cc and we had to work every Saturday at the motorcycle shop for two years to pay for them. Two-stroke bikes are different than four strokes in that you have to ride them on the pipe. Well, at least that's what I told myself as I raced down our two streets to get to the dirt fast. The neighbors didn't appreciate that too much and when they were too annoyed they would call the sheriff and he'd be waiting at the corner for me when I got back from my 26-mile loop to Poway and back. Oh, did I mention the push back to my house was two blocks straight uphill? When I finally got home, out of breath and sweating, he'd be there waiting for me and politely reaming my father out.

What was my punishment? I'd have to push it back for the next two weeks. And the neighbors better not complain again, or I'd be pushing it permanently.

In the 10 years we lived in San Diego, things sure changed a lot. By the time we moved away, the only way you could ride out in the hills was if you trailered your bike in and out.

So, my point. My husband and I bought our house right here at the end of Johnson Lane so our children would have quick access to the Pine Nut Mountain range. My kids have had to follow some basic rules starting with: Don't tick off the neighbors! So far we have been able to slowly go down the road with our ORV without too much of a problem. My children are allowed to go out to the riding area only once, and then come back home. None of this back and forth racing down the street. Please neighbors tread slowly, or you'll ruin it for all of us. Thank you.

On a personal note: My son Garrett Wanket is aboard the USS George Washington. He is 6-feet 5-inches tall. His first day on the job he bonked his head on a pipe (he forgot to duck) and he had to have two staples put in his head. Good thing he's not on a submarine.

Please call me if you have something you'd like written in the paper or a topic of interest, or a child doing something special, or you are famous for something you have done. I'd love to interview you.

n Lisa Welch is a Johnson Lane resident and can be reached at 267-9350.


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