Crickets versus frogs, which are the loudest?

Crickets verses the frogs " you're probably thinking I am going to be writing about a couple of football teams or even basketball teams " not. What I want to talk about is the darn noise I hear at night when the sun sets. Not neighborhood dogs, but crickets and frogs. You almost have to wear earplugs they are so loud.

In the front yard as soon as the sun sets, we start listening to the crickets. But, at the same time in the back yard, the neighbor's pond comes alive with the frog melody. Which is louder, I don't know. If we wait late enough, then we hear the coyotes with their yipping and howling. Wow, to live in Johnson Lane and hear all the noise that the people in town can't hear. This is a beautiful place to live.

We also have the hummers, not the big trucks but the hummingbirds. There are three that keep fighting over the feeder by my head. There are two males and one female, as well as I can tell, and they zip around and chit chat about. One will eventually win and be able to drink out of the feeder over the other two, at least for a minute or two before they start the dance all over again. It seems like they are late to arrive this year but maybe it's just because I haven't been good about filling up the feeders.

Last week I got a phone call from Southern California. This lady said she was searching on the Internet to find an instructor for her daughter to learn how to ride a motocross motorcycle. On the Internet it gave my name and my article about Josh Tupa, who I wrote about a few weeks ago and that's how she got my phone number. How weird is that?

How about your summer vacation? I had one neighbor who went to Alaska mostly for the fishing. I was going to write about their trip but, when they arrived home, she said it was the worst in the 10 years they have been vacationing there. They got rained out nine of the 10 days they were gone and didn't catch enough fish to ship home, they actually carried it on the plane with them. Darn.

How about your vacation? Anything you'd like to share with Douglas County? Call me.

n Lisa Welch is a Johnson Lane resident and can be reached at 267-9350.


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