Pastel painters accepting members

Before coming to Northern Nevada, Arlene Origoni was an active member of the Ojai art community and member of several art organizations, including the Ventura County Pastel Artists, a tight knit group of 12-14 members, organized for the preservation of quality in the art of pastel. This group routinely got together to paint, have workshops, go on field trips to museums and galleries and have exhibits. The society has been in existence for more than 10 years.

When Origoni and her husband, Beto, moved to the Topaz Lake area a few years ago, it wasn't long before Origoni started feeling a void.

"I not only missed having that relationship with my peers but I also believe groups like these are important in the promotion of the arts as well as being an integral part of the substance of any community," Origoni said.

So, Origoni founded Northern Nevada Association of Pastel Painters in early October 2005. The group currently consists of four pastel painters; Karen Aleman, Margo Petterson, Ray Freeman and Origoni.

The jury process for new members continues, with 12 being the maximum total number of members allowed. Potential candidates will be required to submit three original matted and framed samples of work. Work must be at least 90 percent soft pastel, no oil pastel work. Paintings must be the artists original work - no copies of other artists' work or class projects allowed. Artwork will be evaluated and prospective members will be notified by mail. All members will be required to take an active part in this organization including all meetings and exhibits. Annual dues are $30. We are aiming to have two membership shows per year, our first one as a group to be held the month of May at Artistic Viewpoints Gallery & Studio. NNAPP will provide workshops by guest artists, painting trips and discussions whenever possible. The purpose of this organization is to encourage interest and excellence in the medium of pastel.

There will be an artist reception for the Northern Nevada Association of Pastel Painters at Artistic Viewpoints, 1368 Highway 395, Building B (across the Highway from Raley's) Gardnerville, from 5 to 7 p.m. May 2. The four founding members of the association will be the featured artists for the month of May.

For more information about the show or the reception contact Artistic Viewpoints, 783-0633. For more information, or interest in joining NNAPP, contact Arlene Origoni at 266-4554.


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