Happy ending for Peepers the cat

Peepers the cat spent a couple of days on top of a power pole after being treed by a coyote, according to Bodie Flats resident Scott Hall.

Hall, a 76-year-old retired aeronautics engineer from Scotland, said the cat was one of several who live in the vicinity.

"People drop them off here," he said. "We feed them."

Hall spent much of last week trying to find someone willing to come out and rescue Peepers from the top of the pole.

He said he finally called Sierra Pacific Power Co. after being told the cat would come down on its own.

"I called the power company and said I would go up after the cat myself," Hall said. "The lady said, 'Mr. Hall, don't do that, we'll send someone out.'"

A power company truck came out to Hall's home on April 6 to pluck Peepers from his predicament.

In the end, Peepers decided it would be better to jump than to be caught.

Hall said that as the power company man reached out for the cat, Peepers leapt into the air.

"He came down with all four legs splayed out like a flying fox," Hall said, "and then he landed and ran over to the other animals."

Peepers was uninjured in the fall and has resumed his life.

Hall said he moved to the United States in 1991 after meeting his future wife in Stockton, Calif.


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