Man who told police about killing booked and released

The man who told police something had happened to Adam Wells has been charged with concealing evidence.

Malcolm Young, 20, was booked and released Thursday on his own recognizance for allegedly throwing away shoes belonging to two of the three men accused of killing Wells, 20, on Oct. 5.

With the support of his parents, Young told investigators his roommate Danny Shaw, confessed he and friends Tyler Cruz and Juan Cervantes Jr., beat Wells with a metal bat, tied him up, and dumped his body in the desert. Shaw asked Young to dispose of his and Cruz's shoes. Young said on the way to his parents' house for guidance, he obliged.

"Malcolm was lucky because he had a family that was strong enough, and he had a place to go. We thank God for that," said Ernie Young, Malcolm's father. "Malcolm said to us, God showed him a way out. He was scared."

Wells' blanket-wrapped body was found off of Brunswick Canyon Road east of Carson City. According to a criminal complaint, he died from injuries sustained in the beating, coupled with strangulation from a rope wrapped around his hands, feet and neck.

Shaw, 21, Cruz 24, and Cervantes, 20, have been charged with principal to open murder with the use of a deadly weapon, principal to kidnapping in the first degree with use of a deadly weapon, principal to battery with the use of a deadly weapon, conspiracy to commit kidnapping, accessory to a felony, conspiracy to commit a crime and destroying evidence. Shaw was additionally charged with unlawful use of marijuana. The three are being held without bail.

A fourth man, Fred Bechtold, 21, was arrested for allegedly directing the men to burn their clothing and for burying a bat and hammer believed used in the assault in Goni Canyon.

Bechtold posted a $15,000 bond Tuesday and was released to house arrest with an electronic monitoring device, according to Carson City Jail records.

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