Dayton struck by rash of vehicle burglaries

DAYTON - Lyon County officers have taken about 13 auto burglary reports in the last two weeks, said Deputy Ryan Powell.

"Last Thursday night into Friday morning, we had eight vehicle burglaries of unlocked cars," he said. "Unfortunately, someone was rummaging through cars and rummaging through glove boxes taking CDs and money. The cars were all in the Sutro subdivision."

Powell said Tuesday, he took five more reports of vehicles being burglarized in the River Park subdivision sometime between Monday night and Tuesday morning.

"It was the same thing, the cars were unlocked. There was no forced entry," he said.

Missing items included purses and wallets that were emptied of credit cards and money and later discarded.

"We really need to stress that people don't leave valuable items in their vehicles. They need to lock their vehicles and possibly install flood lights outside their homes or leave their porch lights on at night," he said.

Anyone who may have fallen victim to a vehicle burglary but did not report it is asked to contact the Lyon County Sheriff's Department at (775) 577-5023 or 246-6200.

The person responsible for the burglaries could be charged with a felony.

n Contact reporter F.T. Norton at or 881-1213.


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