Corda, O'Donnell Pro Picks winners

The good news for Ed Corda was that he won twice in the Pro Picks Contest at the Carson Station. The bad news is Corda can win only one prize.

Corda actually tied himself for first place at the Carson Station in this past week's Pro Picks Contest. Corda had two tickets with one miss and a score of Carolina 30, Green Bay 19 for Monday night's game. By rule Corda is only eligible for one prize.

Ed O'Donnell didn't need to worry about any tie-breakers because he finished as an outright winner with only one miss at the Pinon Plaza. He picked Carolina to beat Green Bay, 31-13, in the Monday night tie-breaker.

There was a tie for second at the Carson Station between Steve Heroux and Tamara Brouhardt. Both missed one with a score of Carolina 27, Green Bay 17. Five entrants finished with one miss each at the Carson Station.

At the Pinon Plaza, Joe Mueller took second after missing two with a score of Carolina 31, Green Bay 24. There was a tie for third between Tom Scott and Rick Van Alfen. Scott and Van Alfen both missed two and both tied on the final score with Van Alfen having a score of Carolina 30, Green Bay 24 and Scott having a score of Carolina 31, Green Bay 23. A total of 23 entrants finished with two misses at the Pinon Plaza.

Winners receive $250. Mueller will receive $150. Heroux and Brouhardt will split the second and third place prizes and each will receive $100. Scott and Van Alfen will split the third place prize and each will receive $50.

Prize winners can pick up their money after 10 a.m. today at the Carson Station and Pinon Plaza gift shops.


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