Court TV cancels coverage of Gardnerville killing trial

A spokesman for Court TV said Tuesday the cable network had canceled plans for an Internet broadcast of next week's Michael Ward trial.

"We're not covering it," said Andy Brooks of New York-based Court TV.

He said production coordination conflicts precluded Court TV from providing an Internet broadcast of the trial , which was to begin Tuesday.

The trial, scheduled for eight days, originally was set for Oct. 4.

District Judge Michael Gibbons ruled Court TV could broadcast, despite objections by prosecutor Dina Salvucci. She said she was concerned about the effect of a live broadcast on witnesses, some of whom were reluctant to testify.

Brooks said the network had other trials to cover and wasn't able to bring equipment to Minden for an Internet broadcast.

Ward's trial was delayed from the original date, due to illness of one of the defense attorney's investigators.

Ward, 22, was charged with battery with a deadly weapon causing substantial bodily harm, battery causing substantial bodily harm and involuntary manslaughter in the June 24 death of 24-year-old Jeffrey John of Markleeville.

He was accused of cutting John with a knife, hitting and kicking him and killing the father of four during the commission of an unlawful act.

Ward has been in Douglas County Jail since the incident on $100,000 bail. Enrique Garcia, 21, who was charged with dissuading a person from producing evidence in connection with the event, was sentenced Nov. 14 to six months in jail.

A Washoe County coroner's report indicated John died from probable cardiac arrhythmia - a change in his heartbeat - following a physical altercation.


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