Trash kills

This is the last essay in a series written by Carson City School District students who won a recycling essay contest sponsored by the Educator's Closet. Students received a used laptop valued at $250.

by Jule Kuckenmeister

For the Appeal

Our school lifestyle of recycling is not too good these days. Our school goes through unimaginable loads of trash everyday - from people buying sodas and muffins at Nutrition to everyone going to Schlotzky's Deli or Port of Subs at lunch. Yet, every single piece of trash just gets dumped into one big trash can.

I think if we set aside a group of teenagers who would really like to help improve our lifestyle, then that would help immensely. They could all wear bright green shirts twice a week and encourage everyone to recycle into the right bins. I also think we should get many large recycling bins that are very bright that say what recycling is. One for glass, one for plastic and one for cans. Obviously, the plastic bins will get the most used because of all the drinks, so it must be emptied regularly.

To help spread the word of this new recycling theory, I would write announcements for the people to make every day. I would write a quote with it every day so their ears don't get tired of the same announcements.

I would also have my crew carry around small prizes such as gum, candy or squishy toys to reward those people who take the time out of their day and recycle.

In conclusion, I am strongly assuming these processes will work. I hope you pick me, because I know I can make a great difference in our community.

• Jule is in freshman English at Carson High School.


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