Essay winner: What can we do to recycle more?

How can I improve my school recycling? What are the ways to recycle? It is quite amazing to see how many people go through paper as well as the teacher using paper for notes, handouts and worksheets. What can be a better way to save those papers?

It is pretty bad, walking down a hallway and there are soda cans and plastic bottles laying everywhere. There has to be an easier way to make our hallways look nicer. In this essay, I will be explaining different processes to improve my school recycling efforts. These efforts would be using recycled boxes for used or unused paper and plastic bins for soda cans and plastic bottles.

My first idea is trying to save lots of trees from being cut down to produce paper. A way we can eliminate that would be by placing large boxes around the school as well as in each classroom for used or unused paper. No one likes to keep their old, graded homework or notes, so why not drop them off in the recycling box so it can be recycled into new paper? This method could also save the school the cost or purchasing more paper.

Not only recycle paper, but to get the soda cans and plastic bottles out of the classrooms and hallways. Soda cans are greatly used over and over again, so why not save then so we can keep the cost of cans down? As for the plastic bottles, they can be used for the same purpose. They could be used for other materials. So by placing bins around the school and in the classroom, students would be aware of them so they can put their cans and plastic bottles in them.

In conclusion, recycling is the best way to save the environment. It is also a way to keep the school clean and the cost of spending down. Schools like to keep the cost down. However, if there are ways to improve our school as well as the environment, we all should participate in the process of recycling.

n Rick Nguyen is a freshman at Carson High School.


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