Pam Perondi brings nails into the modern age

Pam Perondi didn't have to fight tooth and nail to get to where she is. She only refined them -- well, the nails that is.

Perondi has been a manicurist for 21 years and recently bought Shear Designs on East William Street. She graduated from Frederico's College at Lake Tahoe 21 years ago, and has been doing nails in Carson City ever since, However, she's always wanted to be a hairstylist.

"I've always wanted to do hair," Perondi said. "But I've been doing nails for 21 years now at several salons in Carson City."

Perondi's husband, David, calls her the "Diane Sawyer" of the industry.

"People ask me how I can do this day in and day out. It's the people. The people keep it interesting."

Perondi said she'd love to write a book about what she's heard in the salon and wishes she had taken notes to remember it all.

"I'm very proud. I just did Christina O'Neil's nails. She's Miss Nevada on her way to the Miss America pageant. That was an honor for me."

Perondi recalled one unforgettable moment. She was about to give an elderly client a pedicure when she noticed the woman was wearing pantyhose. After telling her she would need to remove them, the woman went to the bathroom.

When the woman walked out of the bathroom, Perondi noticed she wasn't wearing anything from the waist down.

"All I remember is this little white butt walking away from me when I told her she could put her pants back on," Perondi said. "I think she misunderstood me."

Perondi said the salon business seems to run in her family. Her grandmother had a salon, her sister does nails in Carson City, and two first cousins in California are in the business.

"I love the industry. A lot more goes on here than you'd think. The full-service salon is best -- it includes male clientele. Then you get a full spectrum of conversation.

"We're also on the cutting edge of fashion, being in this industry."

In 2001, Perondi was named by Gov. Kenny Guinn to the seven-member State Board of Cosmetologists. Perondi represents manicurists; there are four cosmetologists, one aesthetician and one public member.

"Being on the board, I feel this is a time for me to give back to the industry," said Perondi, who specializes in gel nails. "Gel nails have revolutionized the industry."

Perondi said the purpose of the board is to ensure public safety. It enforces strict regulations on sanitation and performs inspections about every three months.

Perondi, 47, has been married 21 years. The Perondis have three children: Chris, 27; Ryan, 24, and Lindsey, 18. Perondi has lived in Carson City 28 years.

"The whole field of cosmetology is a pretty big business. More people now are into personal grooming, including men. It's a good field to get into. You're helping make people feel good about themselves without surgery."


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