Mountain Park homeowners reach settlement agreement with city

Mountain Park homeowners who went after builders and Carson City to fix a flooding problem in their development have reached a mediated settlement.

The Carson City Board of Supervisors is expected take action today on the city's settlement with the 350 homeowners.

The settlement includes a cash payment of $100,000 to the homeowners' group. The city would allow a storm-drainage system to be built and maintain it if the settlement is approved, according to city documents.

In the settlement, the city has agreed to waive its fees for fixing the problems.

"It's an excellent settlement for the homeowners," said attorney Bruce Cyra. "It will allow the homeowners to repair the property without going through the delay and expense of a trial."

The 350 homeowners joined in a class-action lawsuit in November 1999 after several found excess water in the crawl spaces beneath their homes.

The number of homes in the subdivision is 500. Homeowners who did not join the class-action suit will not benefit from the storm drain or any repairs made to the subdivision.

Homeowners involved in the suit are expected receive a total of $14 million to pay for attorneys' fees, the installation of the storm drain system and individual repairs to homes.

The settlements with Stanton Park Development, Inc., Garretson-Furgerson Construction Co., Millard Realty and Construction and the city will be heard in early December by the Carson City District Court.

If approved, the money will be turned over to the Mountain Park class-action representative distribution to individual homeowners, Cyra said. The money is meant to pay for repairs only, not to compensate homeowners for their troubles, he said.

Carson City supervisors will consider the city's settlement in closed session today and the take action on the issue in open session, said Deputy District Attorney Melanie Bruketta.


Who: Carson City Board of Supervisors

What: Regular meeting

When: 8:30 a.m. today

Where: Community Center Sierra Room, 851 E. William St.


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