Free fishing day in California

Saturday is Free Fishing Day in the State of California.

It is the second of two free fishing days that the State of California offers each year.

The first one was held back in June.

This particular one is always held in late September and is timed to coincide with the annual National Hunting and Fishing Day celebration held each year across the United States.

So, if you've had a desire to fish in California but haven't done so this year, Saturday will be your golden opportunity to fish in the golden state and at no cost to you.

There is no need to have a California fishing license on that date. However, be advised that you will need to abide by all of the regular rules and regulations that govern whatever water you will be fishing.

Special Note: Sept. 22 is NOT a free fishing day in Nevada. The one and only Free Fishing Day in Nevada for 2001 was held back in June.


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