Deli reaches out to terrorism victims

In a spontaneous reaction to Tuesday's terrorist attacks, Carson City's Creekside Deli owners Terri and Bart Cantua made their own contribution to the emergency effort.

A hundred or more lunch-time customers at the East College Parkway eatery were treated to a free meal and asked instead to donate the cost to the Red Cross or blood to United Blood Services.

"Like everyone else, we came to work after hearing what had happened," Terri said. "We said, 'Today might be a good day to ask people to donate to the Red Cross in the name of the victims.'"

Lunchtime patrons gathered around a television at the deli, Terri said, aghast at news that four orchestrated airplane crashes targeted the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and a location 80 miles east of Pittsburgh.

Thousands are feared injured in the attacks, and early Tuesday in the wake of a nationwide blood shortage United Blood Services was calling for blood donors.

"It's all we can do right now," Terri said. "This is devastation. This our Pearl Harbor."

She said compared to the volume of business it does on Tuesdays, the deli saw fewer customers Tuesday.


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