Plumber's time will benefit terrorist victims

Carson City plumber Greg Petersen has figured out a way to help the victims of last week's terrorist attacks through his one-man business.

He is donating all of his hours next week to the American Red Cross. Instead of customers cutting him a check for his time, they will instead make it payable to the charity that has taken the lead in providing relief to attack-torn Manhattan.

"It's hard for me to write a check for that amount, but it is easy to take the week and have the customer donate to the Red Cross," he said. "I figure a 40-hour week times $62 dollars. That's about $2,500.

"I will run until dark trying to squeeze in as many calls as I can," he said.

Petersen, who has spent 23 years doing plumbing in Carson City, said he was about halfway booked as of Tuesday. For three years he has operated independently under the name Petersen Plumbing Service.

He said most of the customers scheduled for repairs next week know about the money-raising effort.

When asked, "Why the Red Cross?" Petersen said he believes the organization, which has raised millions since the terrorist attacks on East Coast targets, is dedicating to helping victims across the board.

"I think that the Red Cross will spread the money to where it needs to be," he said. "They are a little more spread out than the firefighters funds, for example."

Petersen said he hopes others will follow in the spirit of giving which has erupted following the tragedy. In his case, he said, the easiest way to give was to give his time.

"Maybe people can get that toilet fixed, or get that kitchen sink snaked and make a check out to the Red Cross and get the write-off," he said.


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