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This column ties into a community TV talk show, Another Point of View, which airs tonight on Channel 10 at 8 p.m. It's replayed on Channel 26 in Douglas County and Channel 16 in Reno.

What's hot and what's not in the capital city? To find out for sure, join me tonight with my guest Carson City Supervisor Richard Staub.

Still making the headlines is the conversion of Carson-Tahoe Hospital to a private "not-for-profit" entity. The city wants assurance that it won't have to pick up the costs of indigent care in the future.

But Hospital Trustee Basil Chryssos whines that the (the city supervisors), "... don't care if we're profitable ... they just want to protect the city." Huh? Isn't that the supes' job? And what's this "not-for-profit" designation all about if profit is supposed to be the end result? Maybe a hospital trustee could call in tonight between 8 and 9 p.m. at 882-2839.

Frustration with the parking situation is becoming more prevalent as downtown businesses grow and prosper. But prosperity could be short lived if customers can't find a place to land their vehicles.

Years ago the Carson Nugget promised to build a parking garage if the city would let them close off Spear Street for the convenience of their flourishing business and financial good fortune. Although their business continues to grow and thrive, the parking garage has never appeared. Instead they laid asphalt at their back entrance and fenced their front parking lot to assure convenient access only to their front door and not to any other casino or business on Carson Street.

Carson's redevelopment director, Rob Joiner, says the city will have to look for funding sources for a parking garage on Curry and Musser streets. Now we all know there is only one main funding source - taxing the people. Maybe it's time the Nugget showed what a good community-minded business it can be by following through on their promise of years ago. Build the garage!

We can talk about whatever's on your mind tonight. Some possible topics - a new storm drainage system with an approximate cost of $20 million; new dump fees - is it true fees won't change for Carson residents? Some are doubting.

Will Carson City be the new home of a minor league baseball team? What's going on with the V&T revival? Has any decision been made regarding the Fuji Park petition? Tune in from 8 to 9 p.m. on Channel 10 and dial 882-2839 for questions or comments on Another Point of View.


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