New floating pier to be installed at Hyatt beach

A 267-foot long pier with a patio at the end will be installed at the Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe's beach next week.

This is three times the size of the pier in front of the Hyatt that was demolished Tuesday, said Hyatt General Manager Greg Saunders. This 25-year-old pier simply didn't meet the needs of the customers, he said.

The new pier will hold 200 people on its patio, Saunders said. This will provide another venue for events such as weddings and receptions, he said.

The floating pier is being built and trucked to the Hyatt where it will be installed.

"Esthetically, it will blend in more with the water," because it is a floating pier, Saunders said.

In addition, he said if the water level drops to an all-time low, they will still have a pier because it is floating.

The Hyatt has received all of the permits it needs from the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency to go forward with the project, he said.

The $700,000 pier is one phase in the $47 million resort renovation project.

Saunders said they are basically rebuilding the whole resort.

"We've been successful and we've been able to make some improvements," he said. "We feel we'll be able to maximize the profit by renovating the property."


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