Mimi Moss gets top planner's job

On Nov. 20, Mimi Moss will get a slightly shorter title with a more durable sound.

Instead of signing forms as Douglas County's "interim planning and economic development manager," Moss will simply be the planning and economic development manager.

Her promotion was announced this week, almost two months after she was tapped to handle the job vacated by John Doughty, who left Sept. 10 to become the community development director in Watsonville, Calif.

Moss, 46, learned she had been chosen as Doughty's successor Nov. 5. The choice was made without an outside search.

The job "is what I thought it would be and then some," said Moss. "It's nothing unusual."

Moss began working for Douglas County in 1994 as an assistant planner. In 1997, she was promoted to senior planner, the job she held until Doughty left.

Previously, Moss worked in California, starting as a part-time clerk for the planning department in Merced, Calif. She earned a bachelor's degree in public administration and continued working in Merced.

Moss is now overseeing a staff of seven. She said she will continue reviewing some of the cases that come before the planning and county commissions until a planner is found to replace her. Planners are responsible for reviewing development proposals to ensure they meet county codes and making recommendations to county leaders.

As planning and economic development manager, Moss will also oversee the county's redevelopment projects, located in the Indian Hills area. She is anticipating development of a specific plan for the north county area, as well as finishing a development code for the Lake Tahoe basin. After that, the basin is due for remapping.

Carson Valley projects include the ongoing study of preserving open space, a new plan for central Minden and beginning the update process for the master plan, adopted in 1996.

"We definitely have enough to do," said Moss.


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