Letter: DMV solution

My, my my! What a tangled web we weave, etc. Headline of the Nevada Appeal Sept. 14, "Tangled computer haunts DMV." Another headline Sept. 22, "Program snarls rural DMV offices."

Sept. 23, there were six short comments in the column of "Your 2 cents" all lambasting the DMV, the service, the attitude of the personnel there, waiting sometimes for hours. Now I know personally this service and the waiting and the attitude of personnel happened way before this Genesis came upon the scene. I wholeheartedly agree with Tom and his 2 Cents, "these people were arrogant and rude." I really felt so sorry for Petunia, an employee there. Her comment was heartfelt.

And there is no going back on this $35 million DMV program, so says Assemblyman Bob Beers of Las Vegas, who runs a computer business, so says Nevada Appeal Sept. 22. Maybe this Genesis came from his place of business? Just askin'.

I have a suggestion. Go out there and hire some of these whiz kids or some of these hackers. I have a grandson and three nephews I'll bet would have that mess up and running in no time. Sure would like to know the next chapter on this.


Carson City


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