Letter: DMV

I am a state worker employed at DMV in Carson City. This letter represents DMV employees statewide.

The employees would like to challenge Ginny Lewis, and for that matter, let's include Owen Richie and the director and governor to work next to us in front of all our taxpayers waiting from three to five, yes even eight hours, to register a car, and also next to driver's license and title techs.

Show us how to get the Genesis windows on our screen to transmit faster than 45 minutes at times to go to the next window. Title techs have 16 screens to go into to generate a clean, simple title with no problems.

How could the governor let Genesis come in and so far spend $35 million and "mess" up a wonderful program, Legacy. Why didn't they have our own computer people, who are very much qualified, do the enhancements we needed done for the Legacy and save our taxpayers all those millions of dollars, which didn't nearly all go for a program and were spent in all kinds of ways.

We did need new technology but not Genesis. Only one Assembly person really listened to us and all the letters that were written in Reno and Carson papers no one believed, especially Kenny Guinn, who could have stopped all this and now the system is down as much as up. And when it's up, we generate one-twentieth of the work we did with no titles going out at all.

Irate people having to be ushered out by the doormen, and the threats and words we have to consume because of Genesis. And the speed that we had before, you'll never see again.

We suggest the employees not be put to blame for this mess. It is Genesis and all the backers who spend all those millions of dollars and no, the program stinks.

The employees feel real bad for anyone trying to deal with the Nevada State Department of Motor Vehicles.


Carson City


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