Frustration, tragedy of domestic violence

For the fortunate, domestic violence has never showed its ugly face in their household. But that's becoming less true in Nevada, especially in the mushrooming metropolitan area of Las Vegas.

In Carson City, where Domestic Violence Awareness Month is being marked along with the rest of the state, the number of incidents actually has dropped slightly from a year ago - 116 incidents compared with 120 (through June).

Statewide, however, there has been a 4 percent increase. Three-quarters of the reported cases are in Clark County.

The problems associated with domestic violence are recognized better now than ever - living with fear, the effect on children, the underreporting of domestic-violence crimes that gives lie to the figures we quoted above.

The frustration extends into the courtroom, where a Clark County district judge this week cited the case of Donna Hernandez, who was killed allegedly by her ex-husband despite seven protective orders.

Organizations such as Advocates to End Domestic Violence, which operates a shelter in Carson City, deserve as much support as we can give them - not just during a special awareness month, but all year long.


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