CPR training a must

Are you trained in Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)? You should be!

The American Red Cross and the American Heart Association are the leaders in the Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation field. They have their hands full, too, because the new regulations from the American heart Association are extensive and ever-changing.

Carson-Tahoe Hospital has a very well developed CPR program through the American Heart Association. They can train you in classes for Heartsaver Plus, Heartsaver AED (Automated External Defibrillation), Basic Healthcare Providers and Pediatric Basic Life Support.

The cost for CPR training depends on the level of knowledge you desire or require. Health Care Provider is an extensive seven-hour program for professionals in the health care field and has a fee of $40 and a renewal fee of $20. The license is good for two years. It's a good investment.

Heart Saver Plus is for the person who wants to know the CPR guidelines and how to use them for every day occurrences. The cost is $20 for new students and $20 for renewal. It is a four-hour class with a certificate that is good for two years. Included in the program is information on lifesaving for adults as well as children.

The Pediatric Basic Life Support class is a must for adults with small children, especially since choking is the number one cause of breathing cessation in kids. This is a five-hour class held on Saturdays with a $20 fee, both for new and renewal.

Presently, the wellness program at the hospital, headed by Barbie Winchester, is comprised of four instructors including herself. They will take reservations for you or for a group. I believe class size is limited to six students.

The Carson-Tahoe Hospital's program seems like the most versatile program for CPR training. They have a schedule of classes each month with different times and dates available. You do have to take a written test at the end of your training and designate the type of training you require before the class begins. And those people who can't afford to pay for life-saving CPR may be able to find alternate funding.

Anyone who has the desire to learn how to save lives with CPR or any of the other emergency training fields can find that knowledge easily through Carson-Tahoe Hospital's CPR training program. You can contact Barbie Winchester at the hospital's Wellness Center for information.

Jerry Vance is certified by the American Council on Exercise and teaches fitness at the Carson City Community Center and for the American Lung Association.


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