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Yes, all the persons who cause wildfires should be charged with murder in the death of anyone.

Rose, Carson City

I investigated fires for 25 years. The elements of arson have to be willful and malicious.

The abandoned campfire isn't willful and malicious even if it causes death, it hasn't the elements of arson.

The fire was stupid, and careless and there's no question about that, but (in order to charge murder) they would have to prove willful and malicious intent to cause a forest fire, and they can't do that.

Dan, Carson City

Yes, I do believe the persons who caused the wildfire should be charged with murder, especially if they were in the process of making methamphetamines, etc. As an ex-fire fighter from years ago, I say I support fire fighters and not methamphetamine manufacturers.

John, Dayton

I believe people who cause wildfires that are involved in deaths of firefighters should be charged with murder. Mankind is too careless these days with lives and our earth.

Lenore, Stagecoach

I don't think anyone should be charged for murder by causing an accidental fire. Arson is another thing.

Donald, Carson City


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