Second 'Snake Break' set for Aug. 25-26

The Northern Nevada Chapter of Quail Unlimited has scheduled its second "Snake Break" training program of 2001 for Aug. 25-26, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Snake Break is a highly-specialized program designed to teach your pet or hunting dog how to avoid coming in contact with rattlesnakes, while in the field.

That training will be held at the Capitol City Gun Club, located just off Arrowhead Drive, near the Eagle Valley Golf Course.

Pre-registration is required. The registration fee is $50 per dog. They must be at least six months old. No maximum age.

That highly-specialized training is conducted by Bob Kettle of Fallon, a professional snake handler, who trains the dogs with the use of live rattlesnakes.

For information about Snake Break or the Northern Chapter of Quail Unlimited, call Pat Shanley at 775-883-6435 or Rudy Hindelang 775-267-5269.


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