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Douglas County 

Planning Commission Meeting 

Public Hearing 

A meeting of the Douglas County Planning Commission will be held on April 9, 2024, at 1:00 pm, in the Douglas County Commissioner Meeting Room at the Historic Courthouse, 1616 Eighth Street, Minden. The Planning Commission reserves the right to: take items in a different order; combine two or more agenda items for consideration; remove items from the agenda; and/or delay discussions relating to an item on the agenda at any time. 

The Agenda and Staff Reports will be online prior to the meeting – click on agendas and minutes. 

For possible action. Discussion on Land Division Application DP24-0005, a request for a Merger and Re-subdivision of an existing Subdivision Map (AM 96-01) to reduce the number of parcels (units) from 49 to 43, in the MFR (Multi-family residential) Zoning District in the Sierra Planning Area. The parcel is located at 323 Tramway Drive. The applicant’s representative is Robert O. Anderson of R.O. Anderson Engineering, Inc. and the owner is Peak Tahoe, LLC. APN’s: 1319-30-544-000 through 1319-30-544-054. 

Case Planner: Lucille Rao 775-782-6218 

For possible action. Discussion of a Special Use Permit application DP23- 0245, to approve a judicial center use and establish the required number of related parking and loading spaces for the proposed 49,866 square foot county justice center, to be located at 1280 Buckeye Road, Minden, within the proposed Public Facility (PF) zoning district. The owner and applicant is Douglas County and the Applicant’s representative is Rob Anderson, R.O. Anderson Engineering, Inc. APN: 1320-28-000-045. 

Case Planner: Linda Doherty 775-782-6209 

For possible action. Discussion on an appeal of the Administrative Hearing Panel’s (AHP’s) conditions of approval for DP23-0123, a Tentative Parcel Map application to divide a 604.932-acre parcel into two parcels. The Appellant is contesting conditions of approval (1)(d), (4), (6), and (12)(q). The parent parcel is located north and south of Stockyard Road and along East Valley Road in the Forest Range (FR-19) and Rural Residential (RA-5) zoning districts, in the East Valley Community Plan. The original applicant was Michael Craven, Lumos & Associates, representing the property owners, Pine Nut Ranch Estates, LLC. The Appellant is NV Energy, represented by Leland Johnson. APN: 1320-23- 001-015. 

Case Planner: Kate Moroles-O’Neil 775-782-6212 

The files associated with these hearings are available for public inspection at the Douglas County Community Development Department, Minden Inn, Room 202, 1594 Esmeralda Avenue, Minden, NV. Questions and comments can be submitted by email to or fax comments to 775-782-9007. 

Pub Date: March 30, 2024 Ad # 41989


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