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Notice is given that Lori Brondi is the Trustee

of the McPeters Family Trust, dated April 2,


The Grantors of that Trust were Duane C.

McPeters and Betty Irene McPeters. Duane

C. McPeters died on November 14, 2000.

At the time of his death, Duane C. McPeters’

mailing address was 1509 Olympic St., Simi

Valley, CA 93063. Betty Irene McPeters died

on August 26, 2023. At the time of her death,

Betty Irene McPeter’s mailing address was

1189 Kimmerling Road, Gardnerville, NV

89460. The last four (4) digits of Duane C.

McPeters’ Social Security Number are 7414.

The last four (4) digits of Betty Irene McPeters’

Social Security Number are 0132.

A creditor having a claim against Decedent’s

Estate must submit a claim to the Trustee at

the address given below within 90 days after

the first publication of this notice. Michael G.

Millward, Esq., Millward Law, Ltd., obo Lori

Brondi, 1591 Mono Ave., Minden, NV 89423.

Pub Date: January 6, 13, 20, 2024

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