Online purchases driving Douglas taxable sales

Carson Valley Inn's big sign will be relocated and a 102-room hotel built in its west parking lot.

Carson Valley Inn's big sign will be relocated and a 102-room hotel built in its west parking lot.
Photo by Kurt Hildebrand.

Douglas County shoppers made $45.8 million in online purchases during the first third of the 2023-24 fiscal year, according to figures released Friday by the Nevada Department of Taxation.

The county’s merchants reported $92.7 million in taxable sales during the month up 1.3 percent from October 2022, and 4.1 percent compared to the first four months of last year.

Nonstore retailers raked in $13.44 million during the month of October, up 40.7 percent from October 2022.

That topped the usual king of Douglas County taxable sales, food services and drinking places, which generated $10.3 million, down 7.3 percent compared to the same month last year. The first third of the year showed that category down 1.9 percent o $49.8 million.

Accommodations, largely driven by the Stateline casinos, remained flat as shoulder season began, bringing in $3.78 million, up 1.3 percent for the month, but down 1.9 percent since July 1.

That didn’t seem to slow down amusement, gambling and recreation, though, which saw a 71.1 percent increase to $2.12 million for October and an 18.4 percent increase for the year to $16.89 million.

Meanwhile, Douglas County’s box stores have been flat for both the month and so far this year, bringing in $9.9 million in October and $42.96 million in taxable sales.

Categories related to construction have also been soft so far this year, with building materials, garden equipment and supplies down 9.7 percent in October to $7 million and furniture and home furnishing stores were down 14.2 percent to $1.49 million. Electronics and appliance stores showed a slight bump up in October rising .7 percent to $2.25 million. It’s been a rough year for the category so far with a 12.4 percent decline to $8.32 million.

Motor vehicle and parts dealers slowed down a bit in October with taxable sales of $5.22 million, down 1.2 percent. The sector had a 24.9 percent jump for the year so far, bringing in $23.68 million, despite there not being a single car dealership in Douglas County.

The big manufacturing sector of wholesalers of durable goods saw a 16 percent decline during October, down to $7.9 million from $9.4 million last year. The sector is down 7.5 percent so far this year.

This is the second year Douglas County is reliant on taxable sales generated within its borders.

The county received $1.252 million in October from sales tax collections.

On Thursday, the Nevada Gaming Control Board released figures for November that showed the Stateline casino win was down 7.98 percent from October 2022 to $18 million. The main source of Douglas County’s gaming revenue is down 6.37 percent since July 1, bringing in $119.4 million.

In comparison, November was a good month for casinos in the East Fork and Carson City townships, which brought in $11 million, up 9.21 percent from $10.1 million. That brought the casinos up to even with the year with $55 million total take.


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