Open house thief sentenced to 4-10 years in prison

Anthony Edward Silveira

Anthony Edward Silveira

A 60-year-old Dayton man who was caught stealing items at an open house on Dec. 4, 2022, was sentenced to 4-10 years in prison.

Anthony Edward Silveira has a history of drug abuse and has unsuccessful in the past, according to attorney Martin Hart.

“His drug history is a major issue and the theft kind of goes along with it,” he said.

Prosecutor Jim Sibley said Silveira earned a maximum sentence, saying he would dress up and walk into occupied homes, posing as being an Air Force veteran or a former Wyoming sheriff.

“His criminal history is abysmal,” Sibley said, listing five felonies and three prison terms on his record. Sibley said in one case he trained his children to fake injuries so he could get their medication.

Silveira failed to appear for his arraignment, texting a photo of a driveshaft that fell out to Hart. He had to be brought back on a warrant and was ordered to pay $393.43 for his restitution.

The owner of the Minden home said Silveira stole items that have yet to be recovered.

• A Gardnerville man, who stole a set of car keys, on Aug. 5 faces up to six years in prison after he admitted to a count of residential burglary.

Tyler Michaels Alumbaugh, 27, ran from deputies investigating a stolen vehicle, but was located at a Gardnerville address.

In exchange for his plea, prosecutors will drop a charge of unlawful taking of a motor vehicle. He is scheduled to be sentenced on Dec. 5.

The pilfered Subaru was spotted along with Alumbaugh in Minden after midnight on Aug. 6. He ran off and hopped a couple of fences into a field before disappearing into the night.

A few hours later, it was learned he was at the Kingslane address and deputies surrounded the property and arrested him at gunpoint.

• A man, who was arrested Oct. 2, 2022, with an electric saw and a catalytic converter with cut marks on the inlet and outlet, is the subject of a $25,000 nationwide warrant after he failed to appear in Douglas County District Court on Tuesday.

Deputies also found a stun gun, multiple credit cards, checks, legal documents and mail all with other people’s names on them. Ciancitto has convictions out of Carson City for charges of uttering a forged instrument, being under the influence of a controlled substance and sale of a controlled substance from 2005 and 2008 cases.


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