The May 25, 2023, R-C Morning Report

Wild horses gather at a watering hole in the Pine Nuts on Monday in this photo from Marilyn Smith.

Wild horses gather at a watering hole in the Pine Nuts on Monday in this photo from Marilyn Smith.

Genoa, Nev. — Two motorcyclists blasted through Carson Valley at speeds approaching 100 mph on Tuesday evening after being chased up Highway 88, through the Ranchos and south down Highway 395 and into Mono County. I’m checking with the CHP in Mono to see if they caught up to them.

Emergency personnel responded to collisions in the far corners of Douglas County over the course of an hour on Wednesday morning. No one opted for an ambulance ride in a head-on near the Topaz Lodge at around 10 a.m. A collision near Spooner Junction occurred around 11 a.m. Reports are that everyone was ambulatory, but Tahoe-Douglas medics may have transported someone.

Federal legislation that would prevent the use of helicopters in rounding hp wild horses was introduced in Congress on Wednesday. A state bill that would have designated wild mustangs as the official state horse of Nevada died in the Assembly on May 20.

The state reported a bat in Clark County tested positive for rabies, according to the Nevada Department of Agriculture Animal Disease Laboratory. Of the millions of bats flitting about Nevada, 10-20 turn up positive for rabies each year, mostly between May and October.

We’re going to need all the bats we can muster going into mosquito season. A few bats may be rabid, but a ton of mosquitoes carry west Nile virus and with the wet winter, it’s time to bust out the DEET.

The hills above Carson Valley are turning yellow with wildflowers as our own super bloom continues. The rabbit and buck brush is also blooming generating a bunch of pollen. It’s a gorgeous time of year, unless you’re particularly allergic.

It could be a stormy day today, with a forecast similar to Wednesday’s, with showers likely 2-11 p.m. The high temperature is forecast to hit 72 degrees and the northwest wind 5 mph, except near thundershowers.

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