1,020-unit project goes to planning commission on Tuesday

Changes to the 1,020-unit Virginia Ranch development are scheduled to go before Douglas County planning commissioners on Tuesday.

Once planning commissioners weigh in, the changes go to county commissioners for a first and second reading.

The project sailed through the Gardnerville Town Board on March 7.

The first and biggest step for the project is to complete four lanes of Muller Lane Parkway between Grant Avenue and Toler Lane.

“We’re moving forward with Muller Parkway improvements,” said Manhard Consulting’s Chris Baker. “It’s really the first thing you will see. Plans have been submitted and construction could begin as soon as 60 days.”

As to the rest of the project, Baker said builders hope work will begin as soon as possible.

“We will be back pretty quick with some tentative maps and some zoning amendments,” he said.

Tuesday’s hearing was the first step for the amendments to the specific plan that governs the project’s development.

Town Board members approved the amendments, which included a requirement to have parcels less than 60 feet wide have their garages in the back and adding the possibility of private streets.

The board took no action on a request to revert 10.5 acres reserved for a school site back to the property owner.

Last year the school board agreed to a proposal that would provide workforce housing to district employees, but Town Manager Erik Nilssen said he felt that didn’t have anything to do with the town.

He said that the 10.5 acres won’t increase the number of allowed homes and that the only entity that can use the property is the school district.

“It goes to the school or nobody,” he said. “It doesn’t go to us.”

Planning commissioners are being asked to approve the change to remove the school site.


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