The March 6, 2023, R-C Morning Report

Genoa resident Gim Hollister clears roads on the former Sierra Creek Ranch on a bulldozer on Sunday.

Genoa resident Gim Hollister clears roads on the former Sierra Creek Ranch on a bulldozer on Sunday.
Photo by Kurt Hildebrand.

Genoa, Nev. — Gardnerville resident Jerry Jouret is safe after he spent most of a week in his Ford Escape stuck in the snow along Highway 168 before being found by the California Highway Patrol on Thursday. Jouret, 81, has a house in Big Pine, which is in Inyo County.

The winter storm warning for the Sierra from Lassen to Mono County was canceled about an hour early this morning. That’s got to be some comfort to Mono, which has been isolated by the storm that has closed Highway 395 and knocked power out from Mono City to southern Bridgeport.

Douglas school buses are rolling from top to bottom today, the district announced. Two Lake Tahoe route pickups will be at main stops, including upper Kingsbury and Chimney Rock.

Members of the Airport Advisory Committee will discuss picking someone to serve on the county’s panel to review proposals to manage the airport. There’s a long agenda for the committee, which meets 6 p.m. at the Douglas County Courthouse in Minden.

Proponents of a coffee kiosk in the Ironwood Center go before members of the Water Conveyance Committee 4 p.m. today in room 306 of the Minden Inn. Scooter’s Coffee is seeking the panel’s recommendation.

Minden Weather Watcher Stan Kapler reported 5 inches of snow from Sunday, containing .26 inches of moisture. March has seen 9 inches of snow and .38 inches of precipitation in the county seat for March so far.

I hear from retired Deputy Water Master Julian Larrouy that he’s seen more intense storms, but never seen snow stick on the ground this long in the Valley in his 88 years.

We might see some scattered snow showers after 2 p.m., but those won’t add much to our low elevation snowpack. Otherwise expect mostly sunny sides and a high temperature of 35 degrees. The wind is forecast to be out of the southeast at 5-15 mph.

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