Men accused in COD robbery appear in court

Two men in custody for the armed robbery of the COD Casino.

Two men in custody for the armed robbery of the COD Casino.

Two men accused of robbing the COD Casino appeared in East Fork Justice Court on Tuesday morning.

The case against Chase Henderson, 33, and Andrew Toomey, 43, was continued until Wednesday afternoon by East Fork Justice of the Peace Paul Gilbert.

Both men qualify for a court-appointed attorney, which has yet to occur.

Henderson said that he doesn’t have any money and that it has been 6-8 weeks since he worked. Henderson, who was wheeled into a Saturday arraignment, was walking on Monday morning.

A federal hold has been placed on Henderson who was on parole when the July 14 robbery occurred.

When asked if he had any resources to hire an attorney, Toomey said he didn’t think he was employed after his arrest.

Prosecutor Chelsea Mazza said she was seeking to combine the two cases and treat the men as co-defendants.

Henderson’s bail remains at $2.5 million while Toomey’s is at $1 million.

The men are accused of a 5 a.m. robbery at the COD Casino in Minden. According to prosecutors, a deputy pulled them over on County Road and they opened fire on him, coming to within a foot of his torso. He retreated from the scene while backup came and the men were taken into custody.

A backpack with the alleged loot from the heist was found and taken into custody.


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