High cash bail set for suspects in Minden casino robbery

The alleged getaway vehicle and Sheriff's patrol vehicle involved in Friday morning's arrest of two men accused of robbing the COD Casino.

The alleged getaway vehicle and Sheriff's patrol vehicle involved in Friday morning's arrest of two men accused of robbing the COD Casino.
Photo by Kurt Hildebrand.

The Douglas County deputy who was shot at three times after he tried to apprehend two suspects in a Minden armed robbery on Friday morning urged a judge to keep them in custody.

“If they are allowed to bail, they will be a danger to the community,” Deputy Richard Rodriquez said in a text read by prosecutor Nathaniel Smith. “They have proven that with this incident, and prior incidents, we were lucky to apprehend them.”

East Fork Justice of the Peace Paul Gilbert set bail for Chase Henderson, 33, at $2.5 million cash and $1 million cash for Andrew Toomey, 43, during a Saturday appearance.

“This is outrageous, and I’m not going to put the community at risk,” Gilbert said.

Henderson has a federal warrant for his arrest, having been paroled in March in connection with an Oct. 3, 2015, robbery with a deadly weapon conviction, Smith said. He also served prison time in Nevada for a 2008 Carson City robbery.

Toomey has a 1999 felony burglary conviction in Lyon County.

Smith submitted photos of the two men wearing masks and gloves and entering the casino early Friday morning. He said that the men rounded up two employees and three patrons and brought them into the back room while they loaded a backpack full of money.

The men left in what was described as a black and white vehicle, which was spotted on County Road by Rodriquez, who attempted to pull them over.

Smith said three shots were fired at Rodriquez, coming to within 12 inches of the deputy’s torso. Both men were captured a few doors from the vehicle stop between 6th and 7thStreets in Minden. The stolen money was recovered, Smith said.

Smith argued that Toomey was also being sought in Carson City on a warrant.

“He was on probation with Carson City, yet that didn’t stop him from committing more felonies down here,” Smith said.

Toomey had been living and working at the Quality Inn in Minden.

If convicted, Toomey faces up to five consecutive life sentences along with another 97 years for five counts of kidnapping with the use of a deadly weapon, attempted murder of a peace officer, robbery with a deadly weapon, assault on a peace officer, discharging a firearm from a vehicle and because of his felony conviction, being a prohibited person with a firearm.

Henderson appeared in a wheelchair, claiming to have broken his leg.

He was taken to Carson Valley Health, where he was cleared for custody.

If convicted, Henderson could face up to five life sentences plus 103 years in prison.

Attorney Martin Hart, who appeared on behalf of both men from the Douglas County Jail, pointed out that as of Saturday morning neither has been charged.

Smith said he expects to have charges filed in both cases by the Tuesday morning hearings set by Gilbert on Saturday.


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