Main Street repaving likely next year

Workers cone off two lanes of Highway 395 for work on a gas main in anticipation of the repaving, which is now set for spring 2024.

Workers cone off two lanes of Highway 395 for work on a gas main in anticipation of the repaving, which is now set for spring 2024.

Technically, work on the Main Street repaving project between First Street in Minden and Waterloo Lane in Gardnerville has been underway for months.

But in reality, even with an accepted $10.88 million bid, it will be spring 2024 before any actual paving is done.

One of the key issues for the project has been utilities along Douglas County’s second oldest main drag.

Night work is underway between Mill and Eddy streets to relocate a gas main on the highway at High School Street.

“Drivers can anticipate overnight lane closures on U.S. 395 between Mill and Eddy streets as a gas main is lowered in advance of upcoming reconstruction of the highway,” spokeswoman Meg Ragonese said on Thursday. “This utility work will continue through the first week of August. At least one lane in each direction will remain available on U.S. 395, with road closures on High School Street. Additional utility work will also take place near Toler Avenue later this summer, with similar overnight lane closures.”

The Nevada Department Transportation Board of Directors approved the bid by Sierra Nevada Construction on Monday.

“With state transportation board approval this week of the contract to reconstruct a section of U.S. 395 through downtown Gardnerville, NDOT will begin pre-construction materials testing,” Ragonese said. “Over coming months, NDOT will review and perform preliminary testing of proposed construction materials such as aggregate roadway base, as well as concrete, asphalt, hydraulic and other construction elements.”

Utility work has been a major headache for the installation of an outlet to a reservoir under the parking lot of Gardnerville Station, according to Town Manager Eric Nilssen.

The town started work this spring in the hopes that the state would be installing the inlet before beginning repaving the highway.

It’s possible that could happen this fall, along with other preliminary construction on gutter, sidewalk and lighting, Ragonese said.

But the main event isn’t anticipated to begin until next year.

The project will reconstruct and repave U.S. 395 between Waterloo Lane and First Street in downtown Gardnerville. Sections of aging roadway surface and base will be pulverized and blended with cement to create a sturdier and more durable roadway base.

“New asphalt will then be placed over the improved roadway base for a smoother and safer roadway surface,” Ragonese said. “In certain areas, an even more aggressive roadway modification will excavate 18 inches of the roadway base before reconstructing and resurfacing. Roadway drainage, accessibility and other improvements will also be made.”

As major construction launches, drivers can anticipate lanes being reduced and shifted 24-7 through the work zone as semi-permanent barriers are placed in work areas for driver and worker safety.

“Crews will work to maintain at least one lane in each direction and one access to each business during construction,” Ragonese said. “Alternate routes will be encouraged during construction for those traveling through without a planned destination in the work zone.”


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