July 12, 2023, R-C Letters to the Editor

In a sort of a tradition, The R-C's republishing of Owen E. Jones article on Jobs Peak last week included an exaggeration of the mountain's elevation, which is actually around two miles. In addition, to its original publication in 1943, it was also published in 1963 and 1993.

In a sort of a tradition, The R-C's republishing of Owen E. Jones article on Jobs Peak last week included an exaggeration of the mountain's elevation, which is actually around two miles. In addition, to its original publication in 1943, it was also published in 1963 and 1993.

Jobs Peak not that high


In the July 1 edition of the Record Courier, regarding a great article by Owen E. Jones, “Climbing Jobs Peak for the Fourth of July”.  The article was well written and very informative, describing an important geographical monument of the Carson Valley. 

However, I have to correct the statement made that Jobs Peak is “5 miles above sea level”.  If that were true, Jobs Peak would be over 26,400 feet.  The highest peak in the Continental United Sates is Mt. McKinley, at 20,320 feet.  Jobs Peak’s actual height above sea level is 10,638 feet.  

Jim Marshall


Thanks to Jacks Valley volunteers


Jacks Valley Elementary School would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our outstanding volunteers.  Sometimes life gets so busy, and we forget to take the time to say thank you to all of the special people in our lives.  We know that time is the most thoughtful gift that you can give our students and we really appreciate all of the time that so many adults have given our school.  We want to reach out to our Costco Tutors who assist our second graders, the Sierra Lutheran High School students who improved our school, the Project School Days who provided school supplies and the Backpack Buddies who bring our students food.   A special thanks to Hilltop Church, Corpus Christi Catholic Church, and the Genoa Community Church for helping our students throughout the year in so many ways.  Bank of America in Minden and the United Federal Credit Union in Carson City supplied us with many school gifts.  A big thank-you goes to our Parent Teacher Student Organization and all of the work they have put into the three Fs:  Family Nights, Field trips, and Fundraising.   We have deep seeded gratitude for all of our parent volunteers who read with children, make copies, stuff Peechees, cut out things, and so much more.  Many of our volunteers take the time to brighten up a student somehow during their 86,430 seconds in each day.

It is not happy people who are thankful;  it is thankful people who are happy. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making us all so happy.

Principal Pam Gilmartin and the entire Jacks Valley Community 

Jacks Valley

Celebrating America with the Pops


A very Happy Independence Day it was. Bless our beloved country that the Declaration of Independence was adopted back in 1776. Our 13 colonies separated from British rule, and our Carson Valley Pops Orchestra “let freedom ring” with a glorious tribute to America  on July 4th at beautiful Heritage Park.

In spite of a very hot summer day in our Valley, concert attendees were delighted to celebrate with patriotic melodies under clear, blue skies. Music lifts the individual’s soul, and this wonderful Pops Orchestra celebration was much appreciated by  both adults and  young people in attendance. 

It’s great to have youngsters becoming aware of “concert etiquette.” Children learn when to clap, when to listen, when to participate and when to show complete appreciation for what the musicians are giving to us. 

Opening with the “Star Spangled Banner,” the musical selections presented a strong indication of the love Americans have had, and continue to express, through songs and music. The joyful musical interpretation of “Armed Forces Salute” allowed members in the audience who served  in  our military branches to stand up and be recognized for their unyielding devotion to the country and their participation in the wars to keep America safe. The finale of famed John Philip Sousa’s “The Stars and Stripes Forever,” was poignantly played and brought a lively clapping to express the audience’s sincere gratitude.

Community orchestras and bands promote well-being in a strong, generous civic-oriented group as we have in our Carson Valley. Thank you Conductor CJ Birch, Concert Master Lee Miles and all of the devoted Carson Valley Pops Orchestra members for such a delightful afternoon.  God Bless America.

Robin L.  Sarantos


Nonpartisan doesn’t mean apolitical


I have noticed several letters to the editor over the last few months that were aimed, in my opinion, at delegitimizing the majority on the Douglas County School Board.  The general gist of the condemning arguments is that the three most recently elected Trustees are “politicizing” a board that is supposed to be “nonpartisan.”

Let me correct that error right away.  The office of school board trustee is designated “nonpartisan” on the ballot, but an elected official is not seen as behaving unethically if he or she addresses issues from the viewpoint of the political party to which he or she has decided to belong.  A person does not have to be a registered “non-partisan” to run for school board

Regarding the Trustees elected by healthy margins in November 2022, they are fulfilling the promises they made during their campaigns, including establishing policies that will support teachers in creating more effective classes.  Several “reasons” are offered as to why test scores nationwide, including Nevada, and including those in the Douglas County School District have fallen rather precipitously, the most prominent one being that COVID knocked the stuffing out of effective learning.  

I grant that the pandemic (and the unnecessary burdens placed on school children) did do harm.  But for several decades America’s classrooms have been being politicized by … wait for it … leftists, and that politicization is a significant factor in the lousy test scores.  How?  Well, teachers have to spend far too much class time on two things:  therapy and discipline.

Critical Race Theory serves up leftist ideology as does the current concept of “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.”  More recently the leftist idea of gender fluidity has become the darling of K-12 teachers’ unions as well as the administrative strata at schools.  All of these inserted into K-12 education call for “social training and social justice” in classrooms.  Teachers simply don’t have enough time anymore to teach. 

It is almost laughable (except that it is actually tragic) that anyone would point a finger at the trustees on our school board who are doing their darnedest to g et politics out of the school. Emphasizing social skills (from a progressive POV to boot) in place of basic skills hampers teachers in delivering knowledge, and thus “leftist politics” is a root cause of low scores.

Please take note:  by ridding our schools (and yes, CRT, DEI, Restorative Justice, and SEL—all based on leftist ideology—have made inroads into DCSD schools as of now) of “politics” will result in more true learning, which is, in fact, a primary goal of a school board.

Virginia Nisse

Gardnerville Ranchos


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