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The Gardnerville Ranchos General Improvement District hereby provides notice that the District will hold a public hearing on Wednesday, March 1, 2023 at 5:00 p.m. at the District’s office at 931 Mitch Drive, Gardnerville Ranchos to discuss and possibly take action to create a Special Assessment for future development within the District. 


Proposed Special Assessment Fee Policy 

A special assessment fee has been developed in accordance with NRS 318.116 to offset the costs for new water system infrastructure needed to serve future development within the District. Effective on and after March 1, 2023, Special Assessment Fees shall be imposed to new development according to the following schedule. 

Land Use Type EDU Special 

Conversion Factor Assessment Fee 

Single-Family Residential 1.00 EDUs/unit $6,690/unit 

Single-Family Estates 

(2/3 acre and larger lots) 2.05 EDUs/unit $13,715/unit 

Multi-Family Residential 0.58 EDUs/unit $3,380/unit 

Commercial/Industrial 3.13 EDUs/unit $20,940/unit 

Community/Public 1.13 EDUs/acre $7,560/unit 

Schools 2.81 EDUs/acre $18,799/unit 

Parks 4.69 EDUs/acre $31,376/unit 

The special assessment fee shall apply to any lot or parcel legally created within the District through Douglas County’s land division process after March 1, 2023. In the event that any new lot or parcel is legally created within the District through Douglas County’s land division process after March 1, 2023, from a legal lot or parcel existing within the District on or prior to March 1, 2023, the Special Assessment Fee shall apply to any such new lot or parcel. 

Special assessment fees shall be calculated at the time of issuance of the building permit and shall be collected prior to the connection of water service(s). 

Special assessment fee calculations, methodologies, and assumptions are documented in the GRGID Special Assessment Fee Development December 2022 Update Technical Memorandum prepared by Lumos & Associates, Inc., dated December 22, 2022 and are available for review at the District. 

All persons are invited to participate in the public hearing. Questions or comments may be sent to the District Manager, Greg Reed at 931 Mitch Drive, Gardnerville NV 89460 or emailed to

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