Douglas County Legal - 30409

Frontier provides

basic residential

services for rates from

$6.00 - $16.00 for flat

rate service. Frontier

also provides basic

business services

for rates from $9.00

-$29.90. Other taxes,

fees, and surcharges

may apply. Frontier

offers single party

service, touch-tone,

toll blocking, access

to long distance,

emergency services,

operator assistance,

and directory

assistance. Use of

these services may

result in additional

charges. Budget or

economy services

also may be available.

Frontier offers Lifeline

service which is

a nontransferable

government assistance

program that provides

a $5.25 discount on

the cost of monthly

telephone service

or $9.25 on eligible

broadband or bundled

voice and broadband

products (where

available) and is limited

to one discount per

household. In addition

to Basic Lifeline,

individuals living on

federally recognized

Tribal Lands who meet

the eligibility criteria

may also qualify for

additional monthly

discounts through

Enhanced Lifeline

and up to $100.00

toward installation

fees through the Tribal

Link-Up program.

You may also qualify

for an additional

state discount where


If you have any

questions regarding

Frontier’s rates or

services, please call us

at 1-800-FRONTIER

for further information

or visit us at



Pub Date: January 11, 2023

Ad # 30409


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