Douglas schools resume mostly normal operations after three days

A Douglas County school bus travels down Jacks Valley Road after an early December storm.

A Douglas County school bus travels down Jacks Valley Road after an early December storm.
Photo by Kurt Hildebrand.

Douglas schools are open today with regular bus service for Lake Tahoe students except for Kingsbury Estates and Tramway residents who will be picked up at Ski and Tina. 

The rest of the district is doing centralized stops again today on a regular schedule.

Today marked the first return to some semblance of normal operation for the district after a surprise snow storm snarled roads and parking lots, delaying the return to class after the Christmas break.

While students attended schools in the East Fork Township, students at Whittell High and Zephyr Cove Elementary schools got another snow day after a snowstorm arrived at Lake Tahoe on Thursday morning.

Douglas County schools in East Fork Township were back in session on Thursday, though getting students to school required consolidation of bus stops.

Because many of the county’s side streets are unnavigable by buses, the district has issued a list of central stops for students for today and Friday, depending on what happens with the incoming storm.

Called hub stops, parents will have to bring their children to the location for a bus ride. 

Bus stop schedule

Topaz Ranch Estates students will be picked up at their regular stops, Holbrook Junction students should go to the Topaz Ranch Estates Fire Station for pickup.

Students further north, in Spring Valley, Bodie Flat, Ray May Way and Ruhenstroth will all be picked up and dropped off at the Ruhenstroth mailbox cluster at Palomino and Pinto.

Dresslerville students will be picked up and dropped off at the Dresslerville Community Center.

Other centralized stops for middle and high school students include the county’s six elementary schools and the Sunridge and Sheridan Acres fire stations.

Each elementary school route has four centralized stop.

Everything depends on the weather as another storm arrives in Carson Valley.

The district intends to pick up students at their regular stops at Lake Tahoe.


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