Vacation Home Rental panel wraps up ordinance revision

After six hours, the Vacation Home Rental Advisory Committee members made it through their initial revision of the code on Feb. 8 to a round of applause.

Final redlines will go back to the committee on Feb. 22.

Board members are working to complete revisions to the ordinance under both deadline and political pressure in order to get them to the planning commission next month.

The code is tentatively scheduled to be heard at the March 14 Planning Commission meeting.

It could be introduced by Douglas County commissioners by April, depending on the board’s schedule. The ordinance will require at least two readings.

The county has been wrangling with regulating vacation home rentals for at least a half dozen years. The effort has resulted in the expansion of the code enforcement department, including a manager, inspectors, an attorney and support staff.

The committee itself has been meeting since October 2021 after being appointed the previous month. The ordinance went into effect July 15, 2021. A federal court challenge required a revision to the ordinance in spring 2022. The VHR program also survived an effort to repeal it entirely last October.

Once commissioners receive the proposed ordinance, they could decide to completely revise it. Commissioner Danny Tarkanian has been seeking to make changes already.


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