Aug. 30, 2023, Letters to the Editor

Not making comments


This is in response to John and Wilma Compston’s letter (Aug. 16, 2023, R-C) in regards to my behavior at Douglas County School Board meetings. At the July 19 meeting they asserted I was “rudely making comments” as I sat behind their son-in-law Patrick Peters. That is not true, and I suggest you look at the video of that meeting with time stamp 5:10:20 and draw your own conclusions. (I was the one wearing a pink top and white capris and got up during Mr. Peters comments to draw on the duty Deputy’s attention because I was concerned about his body language and tone of voice since I was seated behind Mr. Peters.). 

Again, I suggest you go to the video of the Aug. 8 meeting and go to time stamp 1:57:10 where I did comment about being concerned, nervous and not feeling comfortable in Mr. Peter’s presence. I did not say I was “intimidated” as the Compston’s asserted in their letter.  

 Regardless of your conclusions after viewing these meetings, I feel the Compstons marginalized my feelings and at best minimized them. Their letter exhibits a false narrative and promotes an antagonistic attitude toward the school board and to those who support them.   

Jan Muzzy


Clearing out undesired culture


I realize there are other serious issues with the new school board trustees, but the following observations were made in the R-C Saturday Aug. 19 headline story, “Rally explores options…”

In the last election, the community perceived an alarming, undesired “culture” had already been “created” in our schools, and a strong slate of DCSD candidates were defeated. Therefore, the “primary concern and fear “today of…” a culture being created by the new board members and their supporters” is actually tit for tat.

The ability to work constructively with people elected begs the question:

• Were the new trustees ever addressed  individually - or as a board, and made aware of their “deeply disheartening and disrespectful treatment” of the Superintendent of schools?

• Was their “behavior toward district staff” the subject of discussion before a letter of “constructive discharge” was written by the Human Resources Director?

• Were they given opportunity to speak to any of these or other concerns of disapproval…including rude “cell phone use” during public comment? 

If so I gladly stand corrected.

Efforts to resolve issues in-house just seem a better draw for new and current DCSD staff, before costly filings, petitions, recalls, complaints and hearings in court litigation.

Joy Uhart


How much will these lawsuits cost?


It seems like people just want to complain and get rid of people who were legally elected to do a job that they can’t do because they have to defend themselves against a myriad of ridiculous lawsuits.

This school board, Katherine Dickerson, David Burns and Susan Jansen, were begged by local parents and citizens to help a failing district, (48th in the nation) campaigned for a year and since their first meeting in January ran “too effectively,” they must have broken a law. A local attorney said, “Let’s sue!”

For more than six months the new board tried to work with administration and the past legal team, only to be “set-up” for not knowing everything, were denied information, administration added an inflammatory word to an already approved agenda before a meeting (May l6,2023, board meeting) and were not being defended by the above mentioned law firm. 

That’s why they fired that firm.

Since January the same attorney has gifted this team with one recorded suit and several more

served suits, one publicly at the end of the last board meeting Aug. 8 at approximately 7:35 p.m., laid right on the board table for Burns, Dickerson, Jansen, plus trustee Doug Englekirk and new legal counsel Joey Gilbert. Who do you think will have to pay if these frivolous suits have to get adjudicated? Literally hundreds of thousands of dollars of district funds could be spent defending people who are just trying to protect girl’s sports, look into curriculum, best practices, and policies to help kids and a district that is losing families and test scores. Are you okay with district funds being spent this way?

What is the status quo trying to hide? Apparently a lot as is being shared by longtime employees.

To the people who met at Minden Park Monday night, how about channeling that energy into helping the board instead of working against it? One of the organizers is directly related to the lawyer who is filing these suits. Anything to gain? I wonder what school programs will have to be eliminated?

Mr. Tolbert said that Susan Jansen never apologized for a microphone faux pas, but it was headlined in this paper as an apology two weeks ago. Then at last Tuesday’s meeting she apologized to the board and the attendees. More misinformation. What an example.

And for the other complaint that “they just want to ban books that mention sex.” Where have you been? There is a market for “young readers” that if you shared them with children a few years ago you would’ve been jailed. Just Google a couple. “LawlBoy” or “Queer Nation” are a good start and let’s bring Tom Sawyer back!

You don’t have to like the outcome of the election. 

But how about you get out of the way of those who are trying to make a positive difference in kid’s lives instead of supporting what could become a very expensive mess. Shameful.

Jan Heaton

East Valley

Disappointed in debate


I was disappointed while watching the Aug. 23 debate that every candidate on stage would not commit to supporting the Republican nominee no matter who that might be. This is a recipe for disas-ter! United we stand, divided we fall! With practically the same breath these ‘would be presidents’ said they would like the people to decide. Who do they think decides who the nominee will be? Mitt Romney lost my support and respect when he stated he would not support President Trump if he ran again because ‘he doesn’t take advice well’. PersonalIy, because I identify as a conservative, I will support whoever the party nominates because we are living through the alternative today. I am of the opinion that the best thing for America at this time is to unite behind the party nominee and vote for the future of our country before it’s too late. I disagree with the pundits who believe that Biden would defeat Trump in a re-match although I don’t have a great deal of confidence in the citizen-ry when they have to choose between what’s good for the country or whose handing out the freebies. The great lie that has been per-petrated by the Democrats forever is that Republicans don’t care about the less fortunate in our midst. Republicans just believe in a ‘hand-up’ instead of a ‘hand-out’. 

Having taught secondary school for over 30 years I can assure you that one of the greatest problems facing your children’s education today is governmental over-reach. Parents need to take back control of the schools their chil-dren attend and get back to basics. No CRT, no gender identity pro-grams, no political or social indoctrinatian. A ‘tough love’ approach to drug use and misbehavior at school is critical. In a class of 30 students it is difficult to learn when a character or two perpetually disrupt the class.

Dan Paterson


Biden’s progressive Democrat agenda 


Biden’s dislike of the successful Make America Great Again movement, by replacing it with an economy destroying green agenda (the unscientific global warming theory) has created a wealth transfer scheme from US citizens to globalist like China via presidential orders and regulations. This transformation has created a US fossil fuel exporting nation to one relying on imports from enemy nations, even though the US has the largest and cleanest oil reserves in the world. This was one of the largest reasons for the start of the US inflation cycle. Adding to fuel the inflation is the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan and the $1 trillion Inflation Reduction Act (a misnomer) which is primarily green energy subsidies and over generous unemployment benefits. The unemployment benefits are an incentive to keep people from rejoining the workforce. Over 7 mil-lion people left the work force permanently.

After 2 ½ years in the Biden economy a major negative landmark has been reached. The federal income tax paid by the 130 million households in the US was $1.6 trillion from $11.9 trillion gross in-come based upon 2019 Internal Revenue statistics, but these statis-tics are consistent in subsequent years. Therefore, the cumulative effect of the inflation rate increased from 1.5% in January 2021 to August 2023 to a rate of 16.8%. The difference of 15.3% is equal to an annual $1.92 trillion increase in the 2023 cost of living to citizens. This difference of $300 billion a year exceeds the annual income tax revenue. 

The top 50 percent of taxpayers pay 97.7 percent of all federal in-come tax, whereas the inflation burden hits retired citizens on fixed incomes and the lower 50 percent of the population much more severely. Many are unable to survive without government assistance.

The Fed keeps increasing the interest rates to discourage investment hoping to get the inflation rates down to under 2 percent. 

Until they get the rates down the cumulative inflation effect will keep increasing each year. From January 2021 to January 2023, the effect of real disposable income is down 11 percent and home ownership ability is down 34.3 percent. Credit card debt is up 27.2 percent and monthly savings are down 83 percent.

Mark Tarvainen


Thanks for supporting St. Gall


St. Gall Catholic Church is most grateful to our wonderful community for all their donations to our annual rummage sale.

Many thanks to all our annual shoppers, who support this great event. To our volunteers, inside and outside for their great devotion of time and labor. 

Those that donated lunch, snacks, and goodies to our workers throughout the month of July. 

The Record-Courier and the Nevada Appeal for our ad, COD Casino for advertising the event on their marquee, Douglas Disposal for their donation of the bin. Sertoma for use of tables, Commissioner Danny Tarkanian for men for assistance with set-up, Sani Hut, Churches Carson Valley Methodist, Elks Lodge for use of tents, Charity Agencies for left-over donations and Shadow Mountain for the use of the parking lots. The Knights of Columbus for help with Security and Hispanic Community for serving lunch to all workers on days of sale. This is our 39th year of being able to serve our community. All of our volunteers are in their senior years, we are hoping to get younger volunteers to continue this wonderful tradition and support our parish with funds made.

St. Gall Rummage Committee


Sheridan volunteers offer thanks


The Sheridan Volunteer Fire Department extends our deepest gratitude to the community for your tremendous outpouring of support during our Aug. 12 Benefit BBQ and Concert. Through generous donations your support has provided funds to purchase much needed equipment, supplies and the opportunity for continuing training, all items that are vital to every firefighting organization. The community turnout was not only heartwarming but very humbling at the same time — Thank you. All the kind comments and enthusiasm were both encouraging and appreciated. We also wanted to thank every-one for their patience and understanding while we embrace the task of resurrecting that which was a great community tradition. We wish to extend a special Thank You to the individual volunteers, and local organizations that made contributed to the success of our event.

We are motivated to make the event better next year. Drop us a line If you would like email updates or better yet to volunteer to be a part of our team next year.

Chris Lang

Sheridan VFD

Thanks to Raley’s


Weekly Wonders is an Art Class for Developmentally Disabled Adults. Ever since the class started last year, we have made many trips each week, before and after class, carrying supplies between the storage room and the classroom. We don’t have to do that any-more because Raley’s just donated a brand new grocery cart for us to use. Now we load up the cart and make one trip each way. This is a big improvement, and we are very thankful to Raley’s for their generosity.

Weekly Wonders is sponsored by Arts for All Nevada, the Carson Valley Arts Council, and the Douglas County Community Center. For information about the class, contact Suzanne Towse at

Suzanne Towse



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