Fissures reduce 395 to one lane near Topaz

Vehicles wait for the light to turn green on Highway 395 above Topaz Lake on Friday morning.

Vehicles wait for the light to turn green on Highway 395 above Topaz Lake on Friday morning.
Photo by Kurt Hildebrand.

Repairs from this year’s remarkable winter are ongoing across the Eastern Sierra.

Highway 395 is one way near Topaz Lake after a big crack appeared between the highway pavement and the shoulder due to damage from this year’s storms.

A traffic light is controlling traffic near High Point overlooking Topaz Lake. Motorists should expect delays.

“Caltrans District 9 is working with Caltrans headquarters to secure emergency funding for the necessary repairs to this section of the highway,” Maintenance Public Information Officer Christopher Andriessen said.

The crack showed up last weekend, adding to road crews’ hefty list of issues in the Eastern Sierra.

“Following an exceptionally wet winter, emergency repair work is already underway on U.S. 6, State Route 120 E, and State Route 168 W,” Andriessen said. “In addition to the repairs to U.S. 395 near Topaz Lake, more emergency contracts are in the works to address issues on State Route 58, State Route 158 S (South June Lake Loop), and U.S. 395 between Mammoth Lakes and Lee Vining.”

Douglas County conducted roadside erosion control on Buckeye Road on Monday and Tuesday between Sanford Way and Orchard Road.

During an emergency session, Douglas Road Engineer Jon Erb told commissioners during an emergency meeting in March that flooding left a four-foot drop off the road and undermined it n places.

Buckeye also flooded in January after the heavy snow that fell during a Tonopah Low melted in the lower elevations of the Pine Nuts.

Erosion control will result in up to 30-minute delays over Kingsbury through April 28.

“Repairs will be made to roadside shoulder erosion created by heavy winter precipitation,” Nevada Department of Transportation spokeswoman Meg Ragonese said last week. “Weather-related damage to roadside guardrails will also be repaired.”


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