Deputies deserve a fair contract

It’s possible that we could see a contract for Douglas County deputies in the near future.

On Thursday, Douglas County commissioners are scheduled to hear the fact finder’s report in the ongoing negotiations with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Protective Association.

We’ve read through the report and feel that it provides a good basis for a contract going forward.

It’s been a long contentious negotiation and it will be a good move to put that to bed, though commissioners could still vote to send the contract to binding arbitration.

While most public employees in Nevada are represented by some sort of association, that collective bargaining comes at the cost of not being allowed to strike.

We completely agree that no one wants public safety employees to go on strike, but how are they to keep up with the cost of living if they don’t speak up.

We’ve had a front row seat to the process when both sides reach an impasse.

The school district has successfully negotiated contracts with its associations to the majority of member’s satisfaction.

It’s actually sort of rare to have this much debate over ongoing negotiations.

And the county isn’t quite done yet, as it has to resolve negotiations with the Sergeant’s Bargaining Unit. We look on the fact that the county attempted to present a proposal from that in connection with the deputies as a good sign going forward.

We hope commissioners look on this report favorably, and will instruct their negotiators to come back with a contract that’s acceptable to both sides.

We value our deputies highly and believe they deserve a fair shake that will both keep them in Douglas and keep us safe.


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