Global influencers visit Gardnerville museum

JT Humphrey speaks to influencers from Mexico and Chili last week at the Carson Valley Museum & Cultural Center. Photo by Robin Sarantos

JT Humphrey speaks to influencers from Mexico and Chili last week at the Carson Valley Museum & Cultural Center. Photo by Robin Sarantos

An interesting, educated and curious young group visited Carson Valley Museum & Cultural Center on April 6. Known as “influencers,” they came from Mexico and Chili under the auspices of Reno-Sparks Convention & Visitors Authority Executive Director of Tourism Sales Art Jimenez.

What exactly are “Influencers” one might ask.

Jimenez explained that the group will use social media to introduce their reading audiences to the adventures they are experiencing in Northern Nevada. In their blogs and other writings, our Carson Valley Museum will be exposed to a larger audience and the Influencers - through marketing - will endorse our beautiful area as a place tourists want to visit. Our beloved museum is surely a “special attraction” and well-loved in this beautiful, vibrant Valley.

After a greeting by Carson Valley’s own Jan Vandermade, Executive Director and prominent Douglas County historian with the Visit Carson Valley Organization, the Influencers were introduced to JT Humphrey and his gorgeous, wildlife photos through JT’s vibrant Power Point Presentation. This was a very distinct treat as John T. Humphrey loves this Valley in a very unique way. He is intricately focused on all wildlife. His pictures are so relevant to Northern Nevada. The beauty of the animals and areas he captures are truly informative.

The Influencers were amazed at the diverse animals in our environment — from sandhill cranes, bear, rabbit, deer, mountain lions, beavers to the Valley’s especially loved wild horses. The questions presented by the Influencers were poignant and answered in detail by both Jan and JT.

Of particular interest to the group was JT’s sincerity when he talked about the importance of maintaining these wild animals and shared his genuine concern for nature. He mentioned his experiences with the majestic, stately wild horses — each with a given name — and relayed how when a foal is born, the band of horses surround it. JT was allowed into the circle and took first-hand photos of the newborn foal.

After the presentation, the Influencers spent considerable time viewing the many interesting and historical museum displays gaining firsthand knowledge of how our treasured Carson Valley area developed.

The Influences jotted all this new information down — or at least recorded their thoughts on their iPhones and hopefully will report their visit in their social media and garner us many more global visitors to our cherished Valley.


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