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Douglas County

Planning Commission Meeting

Public Hearing

A Special meeting of the Douglas County Planning Commission will

be held on Wednesday, November 9, 2022 at 1:00 pm, in the Carson

Valley Improvement Club Hall (C.V.I.C.) Hall, 1602 Esmeralda Ave,

Minden. The Planning Commission reserves the right to: take items in

a different order; combine two or more agenda items for consideration;

remove items from the agenda; and/or delay discussions relating to an

item on the agenda at any time.

The application(s) below will be considered under the Public Hearing

portion of the meeting. The Agenda and Staff Reports will be online prior

to the meeting

For possible action. Discussion on a Zoning Text Amendment DP 22-

0201, Ordinance 2022-1610, an ordinance to amend Douglas County

Code Section 20.660.150B - Accessory Uses, to allow manufactured

homes to be used as an accessory dwelling where the primary

residence is a manufactured home within the RA-5 (Rural Agriculture

– 5-acre minimum lot size) and RA-10 (Rural Agriculture – 10-acre

minimum lot size) and MH (Manufactured Housing) Overlay zoning and

to clarify that they must be secured to a permanent foundation.

Case Planner: Tom Dallaire 775-782-6201

For possible action. Discussion on a Zoning Text Amendment DP 22-

0202, Ordinance 2022-1612, an ordinance to amend Douglas County

Code Section 20.100 to prohibit residential individual sewage disposal

systems (ISDS) on parcels less than two acres (net) in size and add

provisions for the standard on how septic systems are designed,

adding operational duties of individual sewage disposal system and

Chapter 20.650 for clarifying the zoning districts where municipal water

and sewer systems are required, and other properly related matters.

Case Planner: Tom Dallaire 775-782-6201

The files associated with these hearings are available for public inspection

at the Douglas County Community Development Department, Minden

Inn, Room 202, 1594 Esmeralda Avenue, Minden, NV. Questions

and comments can be directed to the Case Planner(s) above, by email

to or fax comments to 775-782-9007.

Pub Date: October 29, 2022 Ad # 28839


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