March 9, 2022, Letters to the Editor

Tim Berube caught the Genoa herd browsing on Sunday

Tim Berube caught the Genoa herd browsing on Sunday

Please thank our heroes


I felt compelled to respond to the Feb. 26 article by Sheriff Ken Furlong.

Each morning I lift in prayer all essential workers across the world: all medical, law enforcement, firefighters, EMTs and military. All who serve and protect the public.

One morning I realized-all these people chose these professions; so many put their lives on the line for us, not knowing what they may face, but doing their jobs to help.

Please thank these heroes when you can.

God bless them all.

Marsh Gallegos


Support the thin blue line


American Law Enforcement Officers are being murdered and violently assaulted in unprecedented numbers. Officers are being hit kicked, and spit on daily by various dirtbags they encounter. Right here in Douglas County, a deputy sheriff was shot, and another stabbed in the past year. Fortunately for them, their loved ones, and co-workers their injuries weren’t fatalities.

Large, heavily populated cities get all the publicity, but any jurisdiction with major thoroughfares such as highways 395, 50, or 88 will have a daily parade of miscreants looking for easy prey passing through. When an officer contacts an occupied vehicle, he or she has to prepare for anything, from potential felonious predators who could arrive on your doorstep.

Douglas County residents are fortunate to have a first-class, professional highly visible Sheriffs Office, ensuring that these losers will continue on their way without any stops.

Give our Sheriffs Office, including the volunteers, a thank-you anytime you can. Some of us are flying a “Thin Blue Line” home for all to see. The president of Genoa Lakes HOA recently on a ride-along with DCS0 Deputies and was kind enough to write a letter to the editor to acknowledge their expertise and express support.

Apparently, the management company enforcing the CCRs at Genoa Lakes doesn’t agree. I recently received my second “Bad Boy” letter ordering me to remove my thin blue line flag, because, in their opinion it is a sign representing a political stance or endorsement. Seriously? Threats of fines or other censures are sure to follow. But hey, what do I know after retiring a long time a go after 32 years in law enforcement.

My flag will continue to wave and the Thin Blue Line will always be there for you.

Dennis M. Healy

Genoa Lakes

Sertoma completes another coat drive


The Carson Valley Sertoma Club is pleased to report another successful Coat Drive season with 7,344 total warm items, including 3,052 coats, sweaters, and jackets, collected, and distributed. We are in awe of the generosity of the Carson Valley and Carson City communities. 

This year we were honored to receive corporate grants from the Walmart Foundation and Costco. Special collection events were organized by Pau-Wa-Lu Middle School, Douglas High School, Harrah’s/Harvey’s Lake Tahoe, and Starbuck’s Roasting Plant & Distribution Center.

A big thanks to the retail stores and community spaces that promoted and cared for our big blue barrels, in Gardnerville/Minden: COD Casino, DST Coffee, Round Table Pizza, ABE Printing, Tractor Supply Co., Douglas County Community & Senior Center, Wa-She-Shu Casino, Ace Hardware, Douglas County Library, Double J Automotive, Anytime Fitness, Sierra Market, The Boutique, St. Gall’s Catholic Community, The Grill Next Door, Custom Framing & Design, Dance Workshop, the UPS Store, and DeBug Computer; in Carson City: Carson City Senior Center, Tractor Supply Co., Carson City Library, Benson’s Tack & Feed, Guild Mortgage, and Trader Joe’s.

We particularly want to thank the three anonymous angels who bought and quietly placed in the barrels 12 new kids coats each. They came at just the right time and were provided to just the children who needed them most.

Please go to our website to see all the local support organizations that received these contributions. 

Thanks again for your kindness to those who need warm coats each winter. We look forward to next year’s Coat Drive project. 

Eileen Behr, 

Coat Drive Chair &, President

Kathy Johnson

Carson Valley Sertoma Club

Thank you, Carson Valley Community


The Family Support Council of Douglas County would like to thank our generous donors and the Community that participated in our most recent fundraiser, “Have a Heart Bingo” on Feb 25, 2022. 

We were honored to have had 118 community members attend and support our fundraising efforts to continue our mission of education, intervention, and prevention services to support the growth and development of healthy families here in Douglas County. We could not do this without Douglas County.

We would like to send out our thanks to the following:

Young at Heart - Rick Towner - Arranging our bingo caller Cookie and the use of their bingo board. 

The following individuals sponsored our event through monetary donations and/or raffle prizes.

Ace Hardware, Ahern Rentals, Alicia Bowman, Beverly Realty, Blessed Mess Boutique, Carson Dodge Chrysler Jeep, Dejavu Boutique, Douglas Community Center, Douglas Radiator, Edgewood Tahoe Resort, Edna’s Legacy Boutique, Joyce Hollister, Jacqueline Denise, John Humphrey, Kei Sushi, Mary Knezovich - Reno Aces, Northwest Martial Arts, Nourished Performance, Red Barn Car Wash, Southern & Sweeter Boutique, Subway - Carson, Tara and Ed Addeo, Tires Plus, Tumbleweeds, Woodett’s Diner, Yogurt Beach

This truly shows what an incredible community we have! Looking forward to seeing everyone at our next event.

Karen Lowry 

Development Manager

Family Support Council 

Please be kind


Recently, I parked my car in a public parking lot in Minden to go into a store.  When leaving, I discovered someone had plastered a “F**K BIDEN” sticker on my back window - I’m assuming because I had a “Biden for Nevada” bumper sticker. The freedom of speech we enjoy in this great country allows you to display your opinions on your own car (or advertise it on your giant flagpole if you like) but the law does not allow you to deface my car with your mean-spirited rhetoric. I’m all for rational civil political discourse to debate government policies we each believe would best serve the nation. 

But how am I expected to respect or trust someone who has such a blatant disregard for the law and demonizes me for having a different perspective? 

My message to this person is this: If you do not respect my property, you have effectively closed the door on any chance for any meaningful dialogue about our political differences. You are doing a disservice to your own cause by your rude act of vandalism and driving a wedge further into our socially constructed political divide which threatens the very stability of our democracy. Instead of using obscenities to make your point, try using the tools of our democratic system (like voting and lobbying elected representatives) to share your concerns and proposed solutions. Perhaps you should have noticed the other sticker on my bumper: “Humankind. Be both.”

Nancy Downey



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