State mental hospital backlog delaying competency evaluations


There are 90-plus people waiting for a forensic bed at a maximum-security psychiatric facility, state officials said on Tuesday.

Lakes Crossing has 10 people housed in the center’s gym and 90 or more waiting on a bed.

Director Trish Wickham and Nevada Deputy Attorney General Julie Slabaugh appeared in Douglas County District Court in response to a subpoena from attorney Maria Pence, who is representing a Wellington man.

Lakes Crossing is down four psychologists and isn’t getting any applications for those positions.

The facility has received a 30-day notice to terminate a contract with Washoe County for two psychologists to do pre-commitment evaluations.

“The lack of clinical staffing is critical,” Slabaugh said.

At issue is a competency evaluation for Ethan Sean Mayotte who has been held at Northern Nevada Correctional Center awaiting a spot at Lakes Crossing.

“This man, from the allegations, is extremely ill and a threat to himself and those around him,” District Judge Tod Young said. “From what I’ve heard he engages in difficult behavior and has been moved from the jail to Northern Nevada Corrections Center where he can be housed more safely. I can’t get him to the point where he can go to trial until I have him evaluated.”

Mayotte has been in custody since Aug. 20 when he was accused of violating his probation.

He admitted in April 2021 to taking a Wellington man’s vehicle during 2020. He received a suspended 12–32-month prison sentence on condition he participate in Western Nevada Regional Drug Court and obtain mental health counseling. 

When he appeared in court on the violation in December, he claimed that the deputies were trying to kill him in an invective laced rant.

Wickham said they could go to the prison to do an evaluation of Mayotte on Feb. 8 at the earliest.

Mayotte is not the only person in Douglas County custody awaiting a bed at Lakes Crossing.

Willis Boyd Annis was arrested Sept. 23 for possession of marijuana and is awaiting a trip to Lakes Crossing.

Since his arrest, Annis has filed a case against Lakes Crossing and Douglas County and had it denied without prejudice.

On Jan. 5, Annis appeared in East Fork Justice Court before Judge Richard Glasson where he said that the pound of marijuana found in his vehicle was “holy sacrament.”

He didn’t discuss the historic sign apparently taken from across Caples Lake.

Annis said he is a paralegal who is being subjected to sensory harassment and won a civil rights case in Connecticut.


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