The Dec. 29, 2022, R-C Morning Report

Willow Bend resident Ed Addeo puts sandbags in front of a home near the Carson River in Genoa. Photo by Tara Addeo

Willow Bend resident Ed Addeo puts sandbags in front of a home near the Carson River in Genoa. Photo by Tara Addeo

Genoa, Nev. — Self-fill sandbag locations have been established across the county in preparation for the impending possibility of flooding. Bring your own shovel to the Sheridan, Genoa, Johnson Lane, Fish Springs or Ruhenstroth fire stations, the big water tank on Highland Way in Holbrook and at Kahle Community Center.

I’ve been asked where flooding is most likely, and the answer to that could be everywhere or nowhere. In 1997 there were three warm storms in a row and the first two didn’t do much. And then on New Year’s Day, bam! Much of Western Nevada was under water.

There’s a winter storm watch in the Sierra starting tonight and lasting until midnignt on New Year’s Eve with possibilities of 1-3 feet above 7,000 feet and up to 5 feet above 8,000 feet. With high winds anticipate blizzard conditions over the passes.

All that weather might dampen enthusiasm for celebrating New Year’s standing on Highway 50 in the Stateline Casino Core, or pretty much anywhere outside, for that matter.

If you’re planning on imbibing on New Year’s Eve, whatever your poison, arrange for a sober driver, get a ride, or enjoy the evening at home by a warm fire.

November was a pretty good month for Stateline, according to the Nevada Gaming Control Board. The casinos raked in $19.65 million during the month, up from $18.16 million in November 2021, as the community finally recovered from the Caldor Fire evacuations.

East Fork and Carson Townships brought in $10.1 million between them, down 9.42 percent from November 2021. Both jurisdictions are running ahead of last year.

The front end of the forecast weather is sort of complicated this morning. Some folks may be getting some light snow, but I don’t see anything outside or on the traffic cameras. Another storm is forecast for tonight with the winds picking up on Friday as the main event arrives.

We may see rain or snow before 2 p.m. today and then more rain after 5 p.m., according to the forecast. It’s already cloudy with the high expected to hit 44 degrees.

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