The Dec. 14, 2022, R-C Morning Report

Bobsled Bob Buehler sent the drone up for a peek at Lake Tahoe on Tuesday.

Bobsled Bob Buehler sent the drone up for a peek at Lake Tahoe on Tuesday.

Genoa, Nev. — Diamond Valley School was closed Tuesday until Jan. 3 after at least 54 percent of the students were absent on Tuesday as a result of some illness or other. The closure doesn’t apply to the learning center.

Markleeville can’t get a break on a couple of fronts as Liberty Utilities is reporting 74 Alpine County homes and businesses without power.

I got reports from a couple of Douglas County’s Lake Tahoe residents that their power was back after three days. Both of my sources had generators. This was the first morning I’ve looked at and there hasn’t been a big dot right next to Tahoe.

While there are still road controls on Highway 50 and around Lake Tahoe, Kingsbury is reported clear, and that is confirmed from the camera. I'm sure a little sun will help clear 50 today.

The state champion Douglas High Girls Golf team was honored by the Douglas County School Board on Tuesday. They’ve been making the rounds, including scoring a proclamation from county commissioners in the front nine.

Two missing skiers at Heavenly on Tuesday evening was the first of those calls of the season I’ve heard. Douglas County Search and Rescue responded with the full package including the drone.

The Vacation Home Rental Advisory Committee will get to focus on cleaning up the code at their 1 p.m. meeting at Kahle Community Center. County commissioners will get to deal with appeals of Tier 3 denials at their Thursday meeting.

There’s a fog bank down by the river which should burn off pretty quick this morning. We might get a little more melt-off today with sunny skies and a high of 40 degrees. The forecast doesn’t contain a breath of wind, so expect the inversion to hold firm.

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