Wetter, cooler temperature in forecast

While it was overcast on Saturday afternoon, most of the precipitation occurred on Sunday around the southern Pine Nuts.

While it was overcast on Saturday afternoon, most of the precipitation occurred on Sunday around the southern Pine Nuts.
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While it could snow over the next few days, it will almost certainly cool off 20-25 degrees, according to a freeze watch issued by the National Weather Service for the east slope of the Sierra, including Carson Valley.

Temperatures are expected to drop to around 29 degrees in Minden early Friday morning but could be cooler in areas around the river.

“Frost and freeze conditions could kill crops, other sensitive vegetation and possibly damage unprotected outdoor plumbing,” forecasters said.

Residents will have time to disconnect hoses and bring in or cover tender plants today.

Snow levels are forecast to drop around 5,000 feet before 9 a.m. Thursday turning to rain with a high temperature of 54 degrees.

Snow could mix with rain after 8 p.m. Thursday  before trailing off.

If snow falls, it will be in pellets known as graupel, and forecasters aren’t expecting it to accumulate.

Snow or rain could return again on Friday and Saturday.

Forecasters say there’s a possibility of thunder Thursday and Friday.

The storm should clear by Sunday, which will see temperatures starting to rise again, hitting 76 degrees by Tuesday.

This is the second storm to arrive in Carson Valley this week, with cloudy skies and lightning on Saturday and Sunday.

While most spots only received little or no rain over the weekend, Fish Springs received .62 inches of rain over five hours on Sunday, according to a gauge at the volunteer fire department. Almost half of that fell in the first hour between 1:50 and 2:50 p.m.

There were still puddles of water on Monday near community located east of Gardnerville in the Pine Nut foothills.

The storm focused in the southern and eastern part of the Carson Valley with the Gardnerville Ranchos reporting .12 inches and half that falling at Minden-Tahoe Airport and .05 inches in Johnson Lane.

A gauge in Genoa recorded a tenth of an inch.

There were several lightning strikes accompanying Sunday’s storm. They coincided with two power outages in the neighborhood along Pinenut Road, including one at 3:10 p.m. that affected 179 NV Energy customers and another at 7:50 p.m. affecting 39


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