July 15, 2021, Letters to the Editor

Cates leadership worth rewarding


As Americans, we have been taught, practically since birth, that if we work hard and do a good job we will be rewarded. These well-known American values apparently aren't known to, or slipped the minds of, Douglas County Commissioners Engels, Nowosad, and Gardner who denied giving County Manager Patrick Cates a merit increase at their July 1 meeting.

Since the above-mentioned commissioners didn't have the decency to do so, I would like to take this time to thank Cates for a job well done over the past two years. Thank you for bringing stability to county operations. Thank you for your top-down example of ethical leadership and expectations of excellence. Thank you for putting in place the policies and procedures for current and future fiscal responsibility, including structure to reduce the risk of loss. All that you have done is deserving of an increase.

In addition to the items listed above, thank you for leading us through an unprecedented global pandemic, the likes of which none of us, or our parents, have lived through. In the past 15 months of uncertainty, as a county employee, I never felt that I didn't know what was going on as far as my employment, or what was expected of me at my job. Whenever there was a change in national or statewide directive, I knew I would be informed within hours as to the expectations in our workplace. Within hours (minutes?) of our state being shut down last March, county management was on the job working to ensure the safety of our residents and planning for the possible fiscal ramifications. The leadership alone through this unprecedented event was worthy of a merit increase.

I hope that others will read this and take the time to thank Cates and/or let our county commissioners know how they feel. My husband and I raised our family in Douglas County and I know from experience when parents are working and shuttling kids to activities, etc., how hard it is to find time to tell our leaders how we feel but please try to take a few minutes to do so. My observation is that our commissioners only hear from a few people in their echo chamber and don't always hear from the majority of us.

Caroline Chieffo


Thanks to the road department


I just wanted to thank the Douglas County Road Department for the road work it completed in June at Nye Drive and Johnson Lane. This segment of Nye Drive washes out when flash floods occur in the arroyo that runs alongside Johnson Lane. It has washed out three times in the 10 years we've lived in the area and has created a lot of inconvenience for local traffic and, especially, to garbage collection crews who must back their truck down a steep hill to service two houses at the bottom. This is particularly exciting during winter when that hill is icy. The road department laid a beautiful cement pad across the arroyo that will withstand the erosion of flash flood currents. On the leeward side of the cement, they piled rough boulders that will further sustain the support of the road. So, a big and very public thank you to the road department for its work.

Sue Cauhape


Thanks Mr. Bullis


Just can't tell you how much I appreciated this article. I keep warning my friends to be aware of every detail before signing any contract, no matter who is representing the company. The only thing Bullis didn't mention is when it is time to dispose of the panels and batteries … where do you go? Are they buried in the ground? If so, wouldn't this present another problem?

Again, thank you so much for the information you provided.

Zona Neighbors




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